Private detective for individuals

“ The detective is a Notary of human behavior “

We invite you to know all the private detective services for individuals that we offer in INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN.

From detectives specialized in investigating infidelities to the investigation of people, relatives, missing persons, inheritances, monitoring and control of adolescents…

And all kinds of assistance and surveillance that you need for you and your family.


Do you suspect that your partner is unfaithful to you?

Consult a detective who specializes in investigating infidelity, spouse tracking, and capable of providing strong evidence of infidelity.

Get rid of doubts with the help of a professional and the guarantee that only an expert detective agency in infidelities like INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN can offer you.

Contact now, directly online and without obligation, with our Infidelity Investigation department and one of our detectives will attend to you personally, study her case and offer you a customized quote. Always with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Search for people

Do you need help locating people? Do you want to find a family member who has been missing for years? A childhood friend?.

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we offer you a fully personalized service of detectives specialized in finding missing persons, runaways and unknown relatives.

With maximum guarantees of discretion, price and result.

Contact directly online with our department for locating witnesses and missing persons and one of our experts in search of persons will analyze your case and inform you of the entire work plan.

Ask for your budget online and you will enjoy reduced rates, adapted to your needs.

Demonstration of coexistence

Sometimes your word is not enough.

Therefore, if you need to prove your coexistence as a couple or with family members and prove it before a court, the administration or other high authorities, at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we offer you the best expert detectives in obtaining proof of coexistence.

Contact our coexistence demonstration department directly online today and request a first consultation with one of our detectives: the first interview is totally free and will allow us to analyze your case and provide you with a tailor-made solution.

Spouse problems

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we offer you the best team of detectives to investigate the work activity of your spouse and present evidence before a court in case of separation and divorce.

All of our private investigators are accredited and have many years of experience in the sector, so that we can guarantee maximum responsibility and discretion.

Contact directly online with our detective department for separation and divorce cases and we will assist you in a totally personalized way: tight budget, concrete work plan and realistic deadlines. Always with the guarantee and the backing of a firm like INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN.

Family detective

We welcome you to our private detective service for family lawyers, specialized in investigating people, locating witnesses, relatives, spouses and close friends.

We treat each case in a totally personalized way and we offer the maximum guarantees of discretion, confidentiality and results. With reduced rates and budgets adjusted to your needs.

Contact our family detective agency today, directly online, and one of our investigators will personally assist you, listen to your case and offer you a tailored solution to your problem.

Choose the service that best suits your needs.

Request a free consultation

To know exactly the budget that your particular situation requires, contact the team of private investigators at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN.