What are the prices of a private detective?

The rates of our private detectives in ALL THE CANARY ISLANDS vary depending on the territory, the complexity of the case and the particular needs that it requires.

In general terms, these professionals never face two services cut by the same pattern, which implies that aspects such as the investigation tasks themselves, the technical deployment or the personnel assigned to each job influence the final budget.

Precios detectives

For this reason, the first contact with our team of private investigators is essential to determine the prices of their services.

On the table, suspicions of irregularities or anomalies, ranging from labor, financial or commercial issues to partner infidelities, search for the disappeared or modification of custody, among many others:

“Each of them requires a different practical solution, which must be analyzed and assessed together with the client”, this is how we understand it at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN.

In order to be able to collect all the data and properly draw the thread, at the agency we offer a free first consultation with the detectives, which in no case implies any commitment.

In addition, we offer those interested a telephone number ( +34 606 40 28 37 ), through which they can request advice from detectives and economists specialized in private investigation services for individuals, mutuals, companies of all sectors, insurance and lawyers.

Detective prices

Without losing sight of the fact that the different services are always offered according to the needs and possibilities of the client, we collect an indicative list of the prices of some of the most demanded tasks:

  • Single hour of investigation: from 40€
  • Full day: from 300€
  • Financial reports: from 150€
  • Home location: from 300€
  • Electronic security: from 1.200€

These private detective prices include

Insurance, dangerousness bonuses, night time, anonymity and confidentiality, documentation and investigation work prior to the actions and all kinds of material and equipment necessary for the development of the action that each case requires.

To know exactly the budget that your particular situation requires, contact the team of private investigators at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN.

You will find rates adapted to the real needs of the client, without additional conditions or fees. 

Prices available for actions throughout Spain and collaboration agreement with operating agencies abroad.