Private Detective In Tenerife

We invite you to learn about all the private detective services in Tenerife that we offer at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN.

Private investigation services

Welcome to the Inquis Investigación Privada catalog of private detective services. In our private investigation agency we offer you all the private detective services in Tenerife that you may need.

Whatever your case, we will provide you with the best care and guaranteed results at the best market price.

Private detectives for lawyers

In our agency we have a department of private investigators only for independent lawyers, law firms and mutual and insurance lawyers.

Private detectives for companies

Private investigators only for companies, finance investigation, sham insolvencies, bankruptcies and industrial counterespionage.

Private detectives for individuals

From detectives specialized in investigating infidelities, to the investigation of people, relatives, disappearances, inheritances, monitoring and control of adolescents...

Private detective prices

The rates of our private detectives in ALL THE CANARY ISLANDS vary depending on the territory, the complexity of the case and the particular needs that it requires.

Why choose us as your private detective?

We work with great discretion, rigor and professionalism, these are the guidelines that govern our work.

We are experienced and approved detectives

Our human team has more than 15 years of experience in investigations of family, labor, mutual insurance, tourism sector, location of people and services to companies of different kinds.

All our Detectives have the Professional Identification Card (TIP. 2110) authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, thus guaranteeing for you the professionalism and security that you are hiring the NECESSARY and LEGAL services to obtain the truth and evidence blunt for judicial headquarters.

We obtain the best results in private investigation

Hiring our private detective services in Tenerife is a tool that multiplies the expectations of success in court, it can save a lot of money on business matters.

In the family or private sphere, it can mean finding the peace of mind that you need so much, clarifying all the doubts of the concerns you have, such as infidelities, bad habits, the custody of your children, etc...

Private detective service in several languages

You can request our private detective services from abroad or a foreigner residing in Spain hanks to the fact that we speak English and German.

Hablamos Ingles
Hablamos Aleman

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To find out exactly the budget that your particular situation requires, contact the INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN team of private detectives.