" Detectives are trained to skillfully and legally obtain evidence, accredit facts and act as qualified witnesses before judges and courts. "

If you are a lawyer and need to hire a private detective service to support evidence in trials or to locate witnesses, do not hesitate to contact INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN.

In our agency we have a department of private investigators only for independent lawyers, law firms and mutual and insurance lawyers.

Divorce Detective

If you have to face a case of modification of divorce or separation measures, in INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we put at your disposal a special private detective service that will be in charge of obtaining the necessary evidence to present before the court and be duly supported.

Consult more information about this service of modification of measures with our department of detectives specialized in cases of divorce and separation.

You will enjoy a free first consultation and a budget adjusted to your needs.

Civil Detective

The detectives intervene in the lawsuits related to the honorary rights of the person, those that are interposed in defense of the right to honor, privacy and self-image, as well as any other fundamental right, the demands on the challenge of social agreements adopted by Boards or General or special Assemblies of partners, claims regarding unfair competition and, in general, all those related to civil proceedings.

Irregularities in the rental of houses are the order of the day and one never seems to be sufficiently protected.

If you need support or evidence that will allow you to claim your rights against possible irregular leases, consult our detective department specialized in investigating illegal leases.

We know and work with all kinds of cases of irregularities in the rental of homes and commercial premises, we offer totally confidential inside information to our clients and we prepare special reports to be able to present before any court or lawyer.

Request a quote today and we will give you a customized solution.

To investigate and verify the illegal occupancy of a home, consult with our home fraud detectives.

In INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we have a whole department focused on collate data and verify that, indeed, a home is properly occupied or if there are irregularities.

Consult with us about your case and our housing fraud investigators will offer you a totally personalized estimate adapted to your needs.

Always with the maximum commitment of discretion and guarantee of results.

If you need to uncover sublease fraud and prove illegal rental housing, consult with our court detectives who specialize in real estate fraud.

For years, in INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we have the largest team of researchers specialized in Spain rental and housing fraud.

Make your first consultation completely free of charge and one of our private detectives will provide you with a personalized investigation plan and a budget adjusted to the needs of your case.

An illegal transfer of housing and unauthorized transfers can have very serious consequences.

Carrying out an operation of this type requires having a good lawyer and a judicial detective specialized in property and patrimony fraud on hand.

Providing evidence, investigating illegal handover actions or simply analyzing who we are transferring the business to, can be vital.

For this reason, at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we offer you a specialized service of judicial detectives to investigate transfers and fraud in the transfer of housing.

Contact now directly online and we will design a budget adjusted to your needs.

Job detective

One of the specialties of INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN is work-related investigations related to alleged fraud of workers that simulate illnesses or accidents, poor job performance, verification of resumes, etc.

Trust only reputable private detectives to investigate false casualties.

Always demand the highest commitment of confidentiality, price and result and enjoy a privileged service of detectives specialized in labor fraud: at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we work with the largest experts in labor investigation in the country.

Request information online now about our investigation service for false cancellation for mutuals, insurances and companies. We will provide you with a personalized budget, adjusted to each case and with maximum guarantees of term, result and discretion.

Do you suspect fraud in a traffic or work accident? Detect any type of fake claim and protect the interests of your company against this type of crime with privileged information and concrete evidence.

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we put at your disposal a complete team of detectives specialized in fake claims, mutual fraud and company insurance.

Consult now with one of our labor detectives and request a budget adjusted to your needs.

Before hiring or promoting employees, get reliable information to help you make the right decision and avoid problems later.

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN, we provide you with a service of private detectives specialized in making reports on company candidates in executive positions, employee analysis and control of senior positions.

Always with the best information and a full commitment to confidentiality. Contact our labor detectives department today and request a quote for your case. We will assist you in a totally personalized way, to be able to offer you a table of tailored actions and a tight budget.

Running a business involves delegating and trusting many people, but not everyone deserves that trust.

If you suspect mismanagement in your company or have detected theft and internal theft, consult our private detective service specialized in investigating employees.

Contact one of our experts in investigating business robberies today and directly online and get rid of doubts. We will provide you with an adapted action plan, with a tight budget and the maximum guarantees of confidentiality and results.

How to prove a case of mobbing? What evidence is needed and how to obtain it?

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we have a team of detectives specialized in workplace harassment cases who will study your situation and guide you in everything you need to be able to properly defend your arguments before a court.

Contact one of our private detectives to obtain the necessary evidence for the accreditation of workplace harassment or mobbing in your company. We guarantee maximum discretion and confidentiality in all actions, as well as strict compliance with deadlines and a tight, fully personalized budget.

INQUIS INVESTIGACION is one of the few private detective agencies in Spain specialized in labor investigation, search for evidence for labor lawsuits, analysis of false casualties, mutual and insurance fraud, and conflicts between employees and companies. We have professional detectives, with long experience in the sector and with a high rate of success cases.

Enjoy the guarantee that only an accredited detective agency can offer you: ensure the best service, complete confidentiality and estimates tailored to each case.

Check in with our labor detectives today and one of our investigators will provide the support and guidance you need.

Merchant detective

Private detectives provide evidence in lawsuits for property lifting, veil lifting and other conflicts related to commercial law.

We seek and provide evidence of assets in individuals who have declared themselves insolvent.

We locate defaulters, front men, etc. We seek heirs in unclaimed estates.

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we put at your disposal the largest team of detectives specialized in locating assets for seizures, finding evidence of assets to seize and uncovering property frauds of all kinds.

Always with the maximum commitment to efficiency, confidentiality and guarantees of success.

Get in touch directly with our financial detectives department online and one of our experts will take care of you personally and offer you a tailor-made action plan.

Ask for a budget today, without obligation. The first consultation is always free.

Producing good, complete and reliable financial solvency reports is only possible if you have a professional private investigation team.

For this reason, INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN has designed a specific detective service for the investigation of assets and accounts, in order to provide lawyers, judges and prosecutors with the necessary evidence to carry out their work.

Contact now directly with our Financial and Commercial Research department online and one of our specialists will be in charge of analyzing your case and proposing an action plan according to your needs.

We will provide you with all the support, advice and help you need, always with tight budgets and the highest commitment to confidentiality.

Criminal detective

Although the current Spanish Private Security Law does not allow private detectives to investigate crimes ex officio, we carry out investigation work in the search for missing persons (while it is not proven that it has been involuntary disappearance), investigations of closed cases where the family does not agree with their resolution, etc.

Corruption cases

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we have developed a specialized service of criminal detective and private investigators for corruption cases aimed at supporting lawyers, judges and prosecutors in their investigations. We work with the latest technology, we have all the required official accreditations and we always offer the maximum guarantee of confidentiality and commitment to the client.

Consult with our department of detectives specialized in criminal trials and one of our investigators will analyze her case and provide you with a budget adjusted to her needs, in order to always offer the best possible support in the process. Contact directly online: the first consultation is free.

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