Private detective for companies

“We are security providers for decision making”

If you are a company director and need to hire a private detective service for a company specialized in corporate intelligence, do not hesitate to contact INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN.

We have a department of private investigators only for companies, investigation of finances, sham insolvencies, bankruptcy and industrial counterintelligence.

Criminal compliance

We work in coordination with all the departments of your company to help it adapt to the new rules and regulations that affect them.

Our objective: to prevent the risks of your business from the possible commission of crimes in the development of your commercial activities.

How do we develop criminal compliance programs for companies?

Identification of business processes and control methods, risk analysis and action plan design.

  • Identification and selection of controls.
  • Documentation of controls and operating procedures.
  • Design of monitoring and continuous improvement procedures.

Preparation of an Internal Control Report as independent experts, which will verify the proper functioning of the Company’s Crime Prevention model (once the recommendations for improvement decided by management have been implemented ).

Mysterious client

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN, we have been working for many years with commercial firms around the world to prepare customer service reports, learn about the internal operating problems of each store, control the effectiveness of each employee and monitor that no abuse or serious errors are committed by part of employees.

If you need to hire a mystery shopper, trust our team of business investigation specialists and always get the best results.

With total commitment of confidentiality and discretion. Request your personalized quote directly online.

Information leaks

Information leaks within a company can cause irreparable damage to a business.

For this reason, putting obstacles and safety limits in this regard is vital for the health of a company.

For this, in INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we have created a private detective department for a specialized company of computer scientists and economists who are experts in new technologies.

This team of detectives and economists is in charge of investigating company information leaks, as well as illegal leaks of employees to other competing companies.

Get rid of doubts and keep your business safe by hiring an audit: we offer you tight budgets and tailor-made solutions, always with the maximum guarantees of confidentiality.

Feigned insolvency

If you need to investigate insolvency cases, alleged financial fraud and tax or business crimes, at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN you will find a complete team of detectives and economists at your service.

We are experts in the treatment of confidential information, we have privileged accesses and we always offer the maximum confidentiality in all our actions.

Consult today with our private detective department for companies specialized in sham insolvencies and request a quote to suit you.

The first consultation is always free and we offer flexible rates, tailored to your needs and those of your company.

Creditors contest

Bankruptcy proceedings are not always as transparent as one would like.

For this reason, at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we offer you a special service of detectives and economists who are experts in investigating and detecting bankruptcy fraud, business insolvencies and all kinds of economic and tax crimes.

Consult today with the central department of our detective agency specialized in investigating bankruptcies and we will offer you a solution to suit you.

The first consultation is completely free and will allow us to fully understand your case and provide you with a tight budget, with private detective rates adapted to your needs.

Money laundering

Do you need to investigate possible money laundering?

Consult our detectives and economists specialized in economic fraud: we work with the best technology and our expert accredited investigators who will ensure an effective solution within the stipulated period.

Total commitment to confidentiality and results.

Contact directly online with our team of detectives and economists who are experts in investigating money laundering and solve your doubts with the support of the best professionals.

The first consultation is always free and will allow us to offer you a quote adapted to what you are really looking for.

Other private detective services for companies

Consult directly with a private business detective who specializes in investigating corruption, economic schemes, and business fraud.

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we have worked for years with official investigation departments to uncover corruption cases of all kinds, always with the best results and maximum confidentiality.

Demand a team of professional detectives accredited in the investigation of corruption cases and enjoy a tailored service, with guarantees and total security of success.

Contact INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN’s Economic Crime Investigation department today and one of our specialists will provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.

INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN’s industrial counterespionage service.

We have been working for years with the best private investigators and experts in business counterespionage to always offer the maximum guarantee of confidentiality and results.

Contact our industrial counterespionage department directly online and enjoy personalized attention, a free first consultation and a budget adjusted to your needs.

How to keep your company safe? The security of companies today involves controlling both their physical presence and all that digital information that is handled internally and that can be vulnerable to many external threats.

To counteract this vulnerability, at INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we put at your disposal detectives specialized in electronic sweeps and computer security.

Consult with our department of experts in technological research for companies and request an electronic scanning service to ensure all the information you handle in your business.

Request your budget directly online and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Counter-surveillance service for VIPs and senior officials of INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN.

We offer an entire expert team of private detective for companies for special counter-surveillance work for people who occupy executive positions and positions of responsibility in administrations, institutions and companies.

Request more information about our senior counter-surveillance detective service today and directly online.

We guarantee total confidentiality, personalized budget and attention tailored to each case.

Before signing an agreement with a client, supplier or company, contact the INQUIS INVESTIGACION Business Research department: detectives and economists specialized in preparing reports on clients, suppliers and competition will be available to you, so that you can make safe decisions and avoid problems later.

Consult now directly online and a specialized private detective for companies will analyze your case and offer you a totally personalized quote.

The first consultation is always free to be able to offer you flexible rates and actions according to what is strictly necessary. No extras or last minute surprises. And with maximum guarantees of confidentiality.

Investigating unfair competition is vital for all companies of a certain rank today. For this, in INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we have designed a research service specialized in competitor studies, with total confidentiality and extreme discretion, so that our clients obtain the necessary information that allows them to make appropriate decisions.

Contact our business competition expert private detective department and order a full report on that competitor you suspect. Get out of doubt. Ask for your budget and you will get tailor-made solutions.

Hire a security audit for your company and know all the strengths and weaknesses of your business, with reliable and absolutely confidential information that only you will have access to.

At INQUIS INVESTIGACIÓN we offer you the best security detectives for companies, computer detectives and experts in surveillance and protection systems.

Consult today and directly online everything that our security auditing service for companies can offer you and ask for your personalized budget.

The first consultation is free and will allow us to know your case and create an action plan tailored to your needs.

Private detective service for forensic companies. For years we have been offering this type of services throughout Spain, with the best forensic specialists and analysts in Spain.

Make an appointment with one of our forensic detectives today and enjoy the value of the experience.

Choose maximum guarantees, personalized attention, a free first consultation and a total commitment to confidentiality, efficiency and professionalism.

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